Aurovilians are asked to segregate their waste at source, to maintain clean and dry, organized waste disposal systems, and overall to work towards as close to a zero waste policy as possible.

For instructions on how to sort your waste properly please view the EcoService Recommendations, or contact the Ecoservice team who will help you set up your home or community waste disposal system.

Cost for waste pick up

  • Rs.80 per bag for unsegregated waste for Aurovilians
  • Rs.30 per bag for segregated waste for Aurovilians
  • Rs.120 per bag for unsegregated waste for non Aurovilians
  • Rs.70 per bag for segregated waste for non Aurovilians


The city service covers the maintenance and the landfill logistic.

At present, Eco-Service is partly funded by the city service. It covers its running costs by the money earned from recyclables and user fees.

For the rest, Ecoservice is fully self supported:

  • Wages of 6 ladies,
  • 2 part-time watchmen,
  • 1 driver,
  • 1 handy man,
  • Diesel and vehicle maintenance, infrastructure.

We are grateful

  • to the donors that has enabled us to buy grinding machine, and the collection and storage sack for 2018.
  • to the monthly contributors on the Ecoservice financial account