In recent years, Auroville’s waste problem has ballooned, much as India’s has, due to increased population and increased consumption. Our landfill, like nearly all Indian land mount, doesn’t protect the environment from leachate leaking to the ground and water tables. We also don’t take proper care of hazardous and medical waste in Auroville. But Auroville does have a system that collects, segregates and recycles waste, organized by the group Eco-Service, unlike most Indian towns which just collect and dump everything (including organic waste) into small local dumpsites, or they burn it.

Currently 90% of the households, units, and restaurants in Auroville utilized Eco-Service. Sometimes it’s collected by outside waste dealers but then dumped in Auroville canyons, or burned.

If everyone in Auroville utilized Eco-Service there would be a guarantee Auroville’s waste would be handled properly.

In Your Home

The most important place to start to improve solid waste management within the township of Auroville is with yourself.

You can begin to look for ways to reduce your waste.

Inevitably, however, you will most likely produce some waste. One way to handle your waste more responsibly is by using Eco-Service if you don’t already. If your waste is not handled by Eco-Service, there is no telling where it will end up – possibly in an Auroville canyon, or at the Pondicherry land mount where it will blow through Auroville in the form of toxic smoke.

When using Eco-Service it is important to know how to handle it properly so that it can be recycled.

Learn how to sort your waste properly by reviewed these recommendations: Eco-Service Recommendations.

Kitchen Waste

Eco-Service does NOT collect organic waste. Households and communities in Auroville usually have their own composting system. These range from digging a pit in the ground and dumping in the waste to creating a Bokashi composting system to create rich compost.

In Your Community

It is important that your community adopts the standard Eco service blue barrels system including stickers and lid. If you would like to set up a waste segregation area in your community, you can contact Eco service, they will advise you on finding the adequate waste system. They will provide a training on waste segregation in English or Tamil for your community member and/or community workers.

Solid Waste Labels

If you want to get started on your own, Eco-Service provides stickers for various categories of waste. These are written in both English and Tamil with images attached.

Come and buy them! Stick them on your bins, and you are well on your way toward a waste segregation system!

Depending on the specific needs of your community or unit, you may want to use some of the other labels as well:

Finally there are two posters which may be helpful. These include:

In Your Unit

There are many ways your unit can work to reduce its waste and segregate it properly by coming to see at the Eco service if there are any material they could use.


Several groups are working on waste issues within Auroville and the bioregion, including the Solid Waste Management Task ForceAV Clean and Eco-Service.

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